Day 24: From Swellendam to Cape Town

Best buddy Sleeping and living in the bunk bed in our appartment. / Der Bewohner des Hochbetts in unserem Ferienappartment in Swellendam. Hilltop Country Retreat One of the loveliest appartments I have ever slept in. / Eines der schönsten Ferienappartments… Goodbye Lucky One of our landlady’s dogs: an expert in begging for breakfast and someContinue reading “Day 24: From Swellendam to Cape Town”

Day 23: From Knysna to Swellendam

Knysna Hillview Knysna – The heads Entry to the lagoon / Tor zur Lagune Bontebok National Park The Bontebok National Park is South Africa’s smallest national park, founded in 1960 to preserve the Bontebok of which during that time only 17 animals had survived, a species threatened to be extinguished entirely. But the Bontebok NationalContinue reading “Day 23: From Knysna to Swellendam”

Day 21: Red Location Museum

  Even though it has been a few days since I visited the Red Location Museum in Port Elizabeth I do only today find the time to write about it. Situated in the centre of the New Brighton Township the museum documents the time of Apartheid at the Eastern Cape. Sadly due to redesign ofContinue reading “Day 21: Red Location Museum”

Day 20: Travel plans

On Monday I will start on a nine days trip from Port Elizabeth along the coast to Cape Town and from there via Stellenbosch and through the Karoo back to Port Elizabeth. This is the route: — Am Montag geht es neun Tage auf Rundreise von Port Elizabeth immer die Küste entlang bis Kapstadt undContinue reading “Day 20: Travel plans”

Day 18: Mandela Day (Deutsche Version)

Heute ist Nelson Mandelas Geburtstag, in Südafrika heißt das Mandela Tag, oder nach seinem Xhosa Ehrennamen: Madiba Tag. Und obwohl die Medien ebenso wie das Präsidentenamt in den vergangenen Tagen vergleichsweise ruhig waren mit Meldungen über Mandelas Gesundheitszustand, gab es pünktlich zu seinem 95. Geburtstag eine gute Nachricht: Nelson Mandelas Gesundheitszustand verbessere sich kontinuierlich.  Continue reading “Day 18: Mandela Day (Deutsche Version)”

Day 18: Mandela Day

Today is the birthday of Nelson Mandela, Mandela Day, or according to his tribal honorary title: Madiba Day. And even though the media as well as the South African presidency were relatively quite about Mandela’s health condition the last days, punctually to his 95th birthday today they released the good news: Nelson Mandela’s health isContinue reading “Day 18: Mandela Day”