Day 14: Valley of Desolation

  One of the geographical highlights at the Eastern Cape is the Valley of Desolation, which is today part of the Camdeboo National Park. The entrance can be reached by car from Graaff-Reinet in approximately ten minutes. From there on follows a steep road up into the mountains. The last 1.1 kilometres have to beContinue reading “Day 14: Valley of Desolation”

Day 13: Graaff-Reinet part two – from above and below

Driving up towards the Valley of Desolation a view point opens up towards a fantastic panorama over Graaff-Reinet. And that gives the impression the town is somewhat of a 18th and 19th century city planner’s dream. From above it can be seen how well-planned the city actually is. On one side the river flows alongContinue reading “Day 13: Graaff-Reinet part two – from above and below”

Day 12: Graaff-Reinet part one

Even before arriving at Graaff-Reinet I wonder how anyone could ever have had the idea to settle there and to farm in the area surrounding the town none the less. From Port Elizabeth at the Eastern Cape it takes a three hours drive through the Karoo to reach Graaff-Reinet. A dry and waste land. EvenContinue reading “Day 12: Graaff-Reinet part one”