Day 44: Travel plans again

Since I had to cancel my plan for today (sandboarding) I only post a short entry about my next travel plans. On Thursday I will drive to East London where I will be staying for two nights giving me time to explore the southern part of the Wild Coast. On Saturday I will drive backContinue reading “Day 44: Travel plans again”

Day 29: Over night in the Karoo National Park

Sunset in the Karoo / Sonnenuntergang in der Karoo Night in the Karoo / Nacht in der Karoo The night in the Karoo, away from every larger settlement, is nearly pitch black, making it an excellent spot for star gazing. — Die Nacht in der Karoo ist stockdunkel, da kaum größere Städte in der UmgebungContinue reading “Day 29: Over night in the Karoo National Park”

Day 28: From Franschhoek to the Karoo National Park – on the road

A rainy start / Ein verregneter Start Through the mountains: snow / Über die Berge: Schnee Baboons on the road / Affen auf der Straße Back in the Karoo / Zurück in der Karoo Today I publish only some small sized pictures because I am still on the road and as you may guess: TheContinue reading “Day 28: From Franschhoek to the Karoo National Park – on the road”

Day 24: From Swellendam to Cape Town

Best buddy Sleeping and living in the bunk bed in our appartment. / Der Bewohner des Hochbetts in unserem Ferienappartment in Swellendam. Hilltop Country Retreat One of the loveliest appartments I have ever slept in. / Eines der schönsten Ferienappartments… Goodbye Lucky One of our landlady’s dogs: an expert in begging for breakfast and someContinue reading “Day 24: From Swellendam to Cape Town”

Day 23: From Knysna to Swellendam

Knysna Hillview Knysna – The heads Entry to the lagoon / Tor zur Lagune Bontebok National Park The Bontebok National Park is South Africa’s smallest national park, founded in 1960 to preserve the Bontebok of which during that time only 17 animals had survived, a species threatened to be extinguished entirely. But the Bontebok NationalContinue reading “Day 23: From Knysna to Swellendam”