Day 39: Boats in the rain

When fishing boats lay at anchor in the bay it is always the first sign for bad weather, wind and waves approaching. Today it often rains so heavy that the boats one after another disappear behind a grey curtain. The pictures are taken at different stages of rain – sometimes heavy, sometimes a bit moreContinue reading “Day 39: Boats in the rain”

Day 38: Burning waste

Since yesterday morning a stench of burned plastic and rubber is lingering over the town, which gets stronger every time the wind blows from the inland and not the sea. Even though I tried, I did not find the source but there is a good chance the smell results from burning waste.   Waste isContinue reading “Day 38: Burning waste”

Day 37: Waves and bad weather

The last days have been extraordinary warm for this time of the year. But now bad weather is approaching from the west: lower temperatures of about 14 degrees on mid-day, wind and rain – that is what to expect at least for the next three days. Even though today it was still warm the wavesContinue reading “Day 37: Waves and bad weather”

Day 21: Red Location Museum

  Even though it has been a few days since I visited the Red Location Museum in Port Elizabeth I do only today find the time to write about it. Situated in the centre of the New Brighton Township the museum documents the time of Apartheid at the Eastern Cape. Sadly due to redesign ofContinue reading “Day 21: Red Location Museum”

Day 9: Terms of racism

If you wonder what a picture of a beautiful beach has to do with racism, here is the explanation: During times of apartheid King’s Beach in Port Elizabeth was the only beach people of colour were allowed to go to, separating them from the white population. Even though the beach might look beautiful it isContinue reading “Day 9: Terms of racism”