Day 46: Through the former Ciskei

Our route today led us through an area that was formerly known as Ciskei. In enforcing its segregation policy the Apartheid regime created so called self governed and officially independent homelands or Bantustans for the rural African population. Ruled by chiefs those “republics” were never internationally accepted and never completely seperated from the South AfricanContinue reading “Day 46: Through the former Ciskei”

Day 40: White men talking

One of the things I still find quite strange in South Africa is the way some white people are talking. Yes, of course, Germans or Brits or French are often full of prejudices as well but I have seldom seen that in such an open display as in South Africa. Sometimes when white people areContinue reading “Day 40: White men talking”

Day 36: Robben Island revisited – the ferry trip

The trip to Robben Island for today’s tourist is a comfortable one, in a modern ferry with two indoor decks and one outdoor deck on the top, with a bar, restrooms and staff attending to the needs. And even though the trip can be quite rocky when the sea is bumpy with two meters highContinue reading “Day 36: Robben Island revisited – the ferry trip”

Day 26: Robben Island and (not) Cape Point

Robben Island This morning at 9 am I took the ship to visit the infamous prison island “Robben Island” where during times of Apartheid political prisoners were held captive. It was apparently a good decision to start the day early because a short time later the ferry company decided to cancel the other two tripsContinue reading “Day 26: Robben Island and (not) Cape Point”

Day 21: Red Location Museum

  Even though it has been a few days since I visited the Red Location Museum in Port Elizabeth I do only today find the time to write about it. Situated in the centre of the New Brighton Township the museum documents the time of Apartheid at the Eastern Cape. Sadly due to redesign ofContinue reading “Day 21: Red Location Museum”

Day 9: Terms of racism

If you wonder what a picture of a beautiful beach has to do with racism, here is the explanation: During times of apartheid King’s Beach in Port Elizabeth was the only beach people of colour were allowed to go to, separating them from the white population. Even though the beach might look beautiful it isContinue reading “Day 9: Terms of racism”