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Are you aiming at becoming a professional writer, copywriter or journalist? Are you stuck in your WiP? Boost your writing capabilities with individual or group classes – online or in person.


Starting out as an amateur artist is never easy: the various materials and techniques can be rather overwhelming. In a 3h weekend course you will learn all the basics.


Creativity and innovation are important in many professions. Using a multi-disciplinary teaching approach, we will look at how a creative mindset can help you reach your goals.

Work & Publications


Jessica Holzhausen writes poetry, short stories and mystery scenerios and has published research papers and books on historic myths and identity building processes in modern societies.


As an amateur artist Jessica Holzhausen mainly works in acrylics and inks but also experiments with natural materials and mixed media. She teaches beginner painting classes in Oxford.

About & Contact

Originally from Germany, Jessica Holzhausen currently lives and works as a bi-lingual writer, historian and educator in Oxford and has clients and students in German-speaking countries and the UK.

Latest Blog Posts

Witch Fires

Every last full moon of summer the witch put fresh flowers on his grave, picked from the fields soaked with ash and blood, where the fires had burned, and hope had died…