Day 36: Robben Island revisited – the ferry trip

The trip to Robben Island for today’s tourist is a comfortable one, in a modern ferry with two indoor decks and one outdoor deck on the top, with a bar, restrooms and staff attending to the needs. And even though the trip can be quite rocky when the sea is bumpy with two meters highContinue reading “Day 36: Robben Island revisited – the ferry trip”

Day 33: Cape Town revisited – Slave Lodge

When visiting Cape Town I actually did a small museum tour about which I have still not written until today. One of the smaller but none the less impressive museums is the old Slave Lodge situated directly next to the Company Garden in the city centre.   Company Garden     The various names theContinue reading “Day 33: Cape Town revisited – Slave Lodge”

Day 29: Over night in the Karoo National Park

Sunset in the Karoo / Sonnenuntergang in der Karoo Night in the Karoo / Nacht in der Karoo The night in the Karoo, away from every larger settlement, is nearly pitch black, making it an excellent spot for star gazing. — Die Nacht in der Karoo ist stockdunkel, da kaum größere Städte in der UmgebungContinue reading “Day 29: Over night in the Karoo National Park”

Day 28: From Franschhoek to the Karoo National Park – on the road

A rainy start / Ein verregneter Start Through the mountains: snow / Über die Berge: Schnee Baboons on the road / Affen auf der Straße Back in the Karoo / Zurück in der Karoo Today I publish only some small sized pictures because I am still on the road and as you may guess: TheContinue reading “Day 28: From Franschhoek to the Karoo National Park – on the road”

Day 27: Back to colonial times

According to the wishes of my boyfriend we traveled through the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek wine region today. For me this became some kind of travel back in history to colonial times. Our first trip led us to a winery that produces biodynamic wines and after a tasting we bought six bottles of nearly perfect redContinue reading “Day 27: Back to colonial times”

Day 26: Robben Island and (not) Cape Point

Robben Island This morning at 9 am I took the ship to visit the infamous prison island “Robben Island” where during times of Apartheid political prisoners were held captive. It was apparently a good decision to start the day early because a short time later the ferry company decided to cancel the other two tripsContinue reading “Day 26: Robben Island and (not) Cape Point”