Day 58: Leaving South Africa

Some pictures I have taken from the plane from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg. / Einige Fotos aus dem Flugzeug auf dem Weg von Port Elizabeth nach Johannesburg. Port Elizabeth harbour and beaches Sunday’s River Where I was sandboarding… From Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg

Day 54 to 56: The lion, the rhino and I

Friday and Saturday I was staying overnight at the Addo Elephant Park. And I had some problems with my internet connection, therefore I could only post these pictures today. — Von Freitag auf Samstag war ich dieses mal über Nacht im Addo Elephant Park. Und da ich die vergangenen Tage leider Schwierigkeiten mit meiner Internet-VerbindungContinue reading “Day 54 to 56: The lion, the rhino and I”

Day 52: Birds

Late this afternoon suddenly a flock of birds fluttered around our balcony and than off over the roof, searching for a hide from an approaching storm. I took some pictures but have to admit: Birds are a hell to photograph. Far too fast. — Am späten Nachmittag flatterte heute plötzlich ein ganzer Vogelschwarm um unserenContinue reading “Day 52: Birds”

Day 50: Rural living

The Eastern Cape has not only fertile land but also a very changing landscape, from the Tsitsikamma Rainforest at the western part to the semi-desert Karoo in the back land. But in every part agriculture and farming are an essential part of the economy. Grahamstown for example is the centre of pineapple production. West ofContinue reading “Day 50: Rural living”

Day 48: Keiskamma, Hamburg and Kenton-on-Sea

Keiskamma River     Hamburg Imagine German settlers moving to South Africa, how would they call a city they found at a river bank near the sea? Hamburg! Wie würden wohl deutsche Siedler eine von ihnen gegründete Stadt nennen, die am Ufer eines Flusses und in der Nähe der Küste liegt? Hamburg     Kenton-on-SeaContinue reading “Day 48: Keiskamma, Hamburg and Kenton-on-Sea”

Day 46: Through the former Ciskei

Our route today led us through an area that was formerly known as Ciskei. In enforcing its segregation policy the Apartheid regime created so called self governed and officially independent homelands or Bantustans for the rural African population. Ruled by chiefs those “republics” were never internationally accepted and never completely seperated from the South AfricanContinue reading “Day 46: Through the former Ciskei”

Day 45: Sunrise over the Indian Ocean

This morning I woke up quite early to a stunning sunrise, the colors changing nearly every minute. So instead of dropping back to sleep I took out my camera. — Heute morgen bin ich ziemlich früh wach geworden zu einem unglaublich schönen Sonnenaufgang über dem Indischen Ozean. Und statt mich wieder schlafen zu legen, habeContinue reading “Day 45: Sunrise over the Indian Ocean”

Day 44: Travel plans again

Since I had to cancel my plan for today (sandboarding) I only post a short entry about my next travel plans. On Thursday I will drive to East London where I will be staying for two nights giving me time to explore the southern part of the Wild Coast. On Saturday I will drive backContinue reading “Day 44: Travel plans again”