Short Stories

Bloodlust (2021/22)

She smelled of raindrops, desperation and the champagne she had accidentally spilled on her strange garment. She smelled of life and all its pains. Her hands were moist with water and it was glorious. 270 years hidden behind stone the onslaught to his senses was overbearing, yet, he did not dare to touch her, did not dare to give in to temptation.

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Zombie (2020)

A mask made of disgrace and decay covers my face. I am the worst of my wandering nightmares. I am a killer of men. I tear up their warm bodies, rip away their flesh and bury my hands deep in their chests. I squeeze their hearts until no life is left; I shred their veins until their blood is spilling all over my hands, my arms. I am what I am. I am Death wearing the damaged costume of a man.

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Reset (2020)

‘Liar!’ she said. ‘You are a liar!’

‘You are killing me!’

(…) she had seen the advert online: there was a choice now. A choice to carve him out of her brain and replace him with fonder, sweeter memories. Or nothingness. Even nothingness seemed better than this.

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Deleting Eve (2020)

My client bought model T17 in April 2027 as a – I quote – ‘customizable sex toy with programmable character traits mimicking the behaviour of a real woman’. Mimicking – that is the code word here! Mimicking! The sex robot the prosecution likes to refer to as ‘Eve’ has never ever been a real woman.

literally stories:

Loving in 0 and 1 (2019)

Lying still, eyes wide open, the bodily functions reduced to a minimum while in repair mode, I listen to the rustling of your clothes. The white lab coat brushes against my metal skin. “Sorry,” you say, unaware that I can hear you. (…)

Ripples In Space Summer 2019 Selections:

Her Father’s Ghost (2019)

“She shot herself, they say. Driven to an early grave by her father’s ghost. What a cruel man he must have been, keeping the girl all to himself for so many years, never letting her out of his sight or allowing her to marry… but coming back from the grave to haunt her… who would have thought… who would have even imagined…”

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You Are the Love I Find in Simple Things

3rd Place Poetry Winner at Humans of the World, July 2022


Ephemeral Elegies, April 2020

Historic Research

Historic narratives, myths and human behavior in times of climate change: A review from northern Europe’s coastlands

Decision-making about climate change is not only shaped by rational considerations, but also influenced by how communities define themselves, by historic or fictional narratives and collective memories. We add a historical perspective to this discussion and ask how regional collective identities and knowledge shape the perception of climate change. We look at coastal communities in northern Europe, which have lived with the threat from the sea for generations. “Deus mare, Frisia litora fecit.”—God created the sea, the Frisians created the coast, a famous quote in Eastern Frisia, shows how important the landscape and the battle against the sea are for a collective identity. We argue that these perceptions can influence the adaptive capacity to climate change positively, if values and collective identities of people are taken into account, or negatively, if people see their values and collective identities not taken into consideration or even threatened.

Authors: Jessica Holzhausen & Kevin Grecksch
WIREs Climate Change:

Property Rights Revisited – Are Narratives the Way Forward?

This paper aims to show how property rights predominantly shape discussions about the governance of natural resources and thereby neglect questions of (collective) identities and alternative solutions to govern natural resources. The purpose is to introduce narratives as an alternative approach to the discussion about the governance of natural resources.

Guided by the question of how we acquire property and what that tells us about our understanding of to whom natural resources belong to, the paper reviews the history of property rights by looking into property theories starting from Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, August 2017
Authors: Kevin Grecksch, Jessica Holzhausen

Winner Outstanding Paper in the 2018 Emerald Literati Awards

Der Mythos Stedinger im Wandel der Zeit: Instrumentalisierung, Politisierung oder regionale Identifikationsfigur?

Ursprünglich als Dissertation an der Universität Oldenburg verfasst, widmet sich das Buch dem Stedinger Bauernaufstand von 1234 und seiner Rezeptionsgeschichte im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, insbesondere unter dem Fokus einer regionalen Identitätsstiftung – sei es als Freiheitskämpfer im Vormärz, antikatholischer Mythos im Kulturkampf, ideologische Überhöhung im Nationalsozialismus oder als Beweis für den andauernden Kampf der Klassen in der DDR-Geschichtsschreibung und Literatur.

Mittelalterliche Mythen als Identitätsstifter. Eine Komparation


Verlag: VDM
Erschienen August 2008
Deutsch, 168 Seiten


Der Spiegelkobold (2019)

Versteckt hinter Zauberspiegeln, gewoben aus den Tränen einer Spiegelprinzessin, liegt eine verborgene Welt: Es ist die Welt von Kobolden und Wassermännern, von wagemutigen Katzenkönigen und lispelnden Schlangen, von Zauberern, Schatten, Spiegelprinzessinnen und Kobolden. Dass in ihrem Zimmer ein Zauberspiegel steht, davon hat die zehnjährige Leonie natürlich keine Ahnung. Bis plötzlich das Koboldmädchen Mara in ihrem Zimmer auftaucht und Leonie kurzerhand durch den Zauberspiegel zerrt… Ein böser Zauberer bedroht nicht nur die Spiegelwelt und Mara braucht Leonies Hilfe.Für Kobold Mara und Menschenmädchen Leonie beginnt eine abenteuerliche Reise quer durch die Spiegelwelt. Ein Buch für Kinder ab 7 Jahren.+

Murder Through Time (2019)

Can you survive a murderous 1920s poker tournament? Who killed the passenger on the steam liner to New York in 1947? What happened to the surgeon? And will you be able save your guests from poisoning? Five murder mystery scripts take players to very different places and times in history, from a 1920s birthday party to a modern times charity event, from a steam liner in 1947 to the British coast, where artists and bohemians just discovered: Francis Ford, the famous writer is missing.The scripts include rules and character descriptions, clues and ideas for props, recipes and decorations. They are formatted so that the pages can easily be copied, making it easy to hand over the character descriptions to the individual players. Some content is 16+.