Day 11: Sardinia Bay again

  Yesterday I did not only shoot photographs but also some video clips. And like last time in the Addo Elephant Park I did not finish editing until a day later – this morning. So, here you go: Day 11 features a 40 second clip about Sardinia Bay.   —–   Gestern habe ich anContinue reading “Day 11: Sardinia Bay again”

Day 10: Sardinia Bay

  Today’s morning trip was a hiking trail along Sardinia Bay. Drei Stunden Morgen- und Mittagwanderung entlang Sardinia Bay.       Near Sardinia Bay in 1647 the Portugese Galleon Sacramento shipwrecked in a storm. An der Sardinia Bay erlitt 1647 die Portguisische Galleone Sacramento Schiffbruch.     Here is an interesting Blog-Entry about itContinue reading “Day 10: Sardinia Bay”