Day 42: Elephant cuteness and lions

Second time in the Addo Elephant Park: (Baby) Elephants were walking around the car on the road and I finally saw two lions. — Zum zweiten Mal im Addo Elephant Park: Eine Herde von mehr als dreißig Elefanten ist auf der Straße direkt am Auto vorbei gelaufen und endlich habe ich auch zwei Löwen gesehen.Continue reading “Day 42: Elephant cuteness and lions”

Day 41: Whale watching without whales

Today we took a boat trip to watch whales in the Algoa Bay, but even though this time of the year the Southern right whales are frequently seen in this area, we were out of luck: No whales today. Instead we got some dolphins and lots of penguins. — Heute haben wir einen Bootsausflug inContinue reading “Day 41: Whale watching without whales”

Day 37: Waves and bad weather

The last days have been extraordinary warm for this time of the year. But now bad weather is approaching from the west: lower temperatures of about 14 degrees on mid-day, wind and rain – that is what to expect at least for the next three days. Even though today it was still warm the wavesContinue reading “Day 37: Waves and bad weather”

Day 29: Over night in the Karoo National Park

Sunset in the Karoo / Sonnenuntergang in der Karoo Night in the Karoo / Nacht in der Karoo The night in the Karoo, away from every larger settlement, is nearly pitch black, making it an excellent spot for star gazing. — Die Nacht in der Karoo ist stockdunkel, da kaum größere Städte in der UmgebungContinue reading “Day 29: Over night in the Karoo National Park”

Day 23: From Knysna to Swellendam

Knysna Hillview Knysna – The heads Entry to the lagoon / Tor zur Lagune Bontebok National Park The Bontebok National Park is South Africa’s smallest national park, founded in 1960 to preserve the Bontebok of which during that time only 17 animals had survived, a species threatened to be extinguished entirely. But the Bontebok NationalContinue reading “Day 23: From Knysna to Swellendam”

Day 15: Wildlife

Camdeboo National Park   Why including two different national parks in one blog entry? Not only because I travelled there the last weekend, but also because there is the pretentious plan to once connect both parks with a grassland conservation zone. Today the two parks already work together in the Mountain Zebra – Camdeboo CorridorContinue reading “Day 15: Wildlife”

Day 14: Valley of Desolation

  One of the geographical highlights at the Eastern Cape is the Valley of Desolation, which is today part of the Camdeboo National Park. The entrance can be reached by car from Graaff-Reinet in approximately ten minutes. From there on follows a steep road up into the mountains. The last 1.1 kilometres have to beContinue reading “Day 14: Valley of Desolation”

Day 11: Sardinia Bay again

  Yesterday I did not only shoot photographs but also some video clips. And like last time in the Addo Elephant Park I did not finish editing until a day later – this morning. So, here you go: Day 11 features a 40 second clip about Sardinia Bay.   —–   Gestern habe ich anContinue reading “Day 11: Sardinia Bay again”

Day 10: Sardinia Bay

  Today’s morning trip was a hiking trail along Sardinia Bay. Drei Stunden Morgen- und Mittagwanderung entlang Sardinia Bay.       Near Sardinia Bay in 1647 the Portugese Galleon Sacramento shipwrecked in a storm. An der Sardinia Bay erlitt 1647 die Portguisische Galleone Sacramento Schiffbruch.     Here is an interesting Blog-Entry about itContinue reading “Day 10: Sardinia Bay”