Day 42: Elephant cuteness and lions

Second time in the Addo Elephant Park: (Baby) Elephants were walking around the car on the road and I finally saw two lions. — Zum zweiten Mal im Addo Elephant Park: Eine Herde von mehr als dreißig Elefanten ist auf der Straße direkt am Auto vorbei gelaufen und endlich habe ich auch zwei Löwen gesehen.Continue reading “Day 42: Elephant cuteness and lions”

Day 8: Elephants again

Today’s entry is actually not an new one but an update to Saturday’s pictures taken in the Addo Elephant Park. I filmed some short video sequences and only today found the time to edit the movie. Since it was the first time I used the video mode of my camera for shooting a short movie,Continue reading “Day 8: Elephants again”