Day 10: Sardinia Bay

  Today’s morning trip was a hiking trail along Sardinia Bay. Drei Stunden Morgen- und Mittagwanderung entlang Sardinia Bay.       Near Sardinia Bay in 1647 the Portugese Galleon Sacramento shipwrecked in a storm. An der Sardinia Bay erlitt 1647 die Portguisische Galleone Sacramento Schiffbruch.     Here is an interesting Blog-Entry about itContinue reading “Day 10: Sardinia Bay”

Day 7: Riding the waves

Today’s trip brought me to Jeffreys Bay, a coast town at the Eastern Cape – with not yet 15.000 inhabitants a quite small one as well. But it is very popular with surfers because the long sandy beach with its clashing waves is one of the most famous surfing areas in the world.   IContinue reading “Day 7: Riding the waves”

58 Days South Africa

58 Days South Africa   The day is getting nearer and the more I think about it, the more excited I become. On July  1st I will finally take my flight to Port Elizabeth in South Africa for a quite long holiday. If you could call it a holiday since I plan to write andContinue reading “58 Days South Africa”