Refurbishing Antique Travel Desk

Shortly before Christmas I was lucky enough to find an old travel desk/ writing box in an Oxford antiques store. It was not in a great shape, but very, very cheap: 9.50 GBP! After cleaning, the inside already started looking better: The outside was a bit more tricky. I sanded the surface, using two differentContinue reading “Refurbishing Antique Travel Desk”

Day 2: Four airports in 24 hours

Since I had a stop at four different airports in the last 24 hours I started to wonder whether you can draw a conclusion from an airport to its city or if airports do stand on their own with no comparison to the people living nearby at all.   In Hamburg for example the staffContinue reading “Day 2: Four airports in 24 hours”

58 Days South Africa

58 Days South Africa   The day is getting nearer and the more I think about it, the more excited I become. On July  1st I will finally take my flight to Port Elizabeth in South Africa for a quite long holiday. If you could call it a holiday since I plan to write andContinue reading “58 Days South Africa”