Oxford Colleges (1): Christ Church







Welcome to Hogwart!

Harry Potter fans will probably recognise the ceiling of the Great Hall… without the enchantment, of course:



The film makers built a replica of Christ Church’s Great Hall in the London studios.

More information: https://www.chch.ox.ac.uk/visiting-christ-church/hall


The staircase leading towards the hall also featured in “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone”:



Other “Hogwarts” locations in Oxford:

The Divinity School of the Bodleian Library was used as infirmary in Harry Potter, the Duke Humphrey’s Library doubled as Hogwart’s own library.

New College Cloisters, where Mad-Eye Moody turner Draco Malfoy into a ferret.

Refurbishing Antique Travel Desk

Shortly before Christmas I was lucky enough to find an old travel desk/ writing box in an Oxford antiques store. It was not in a great shape, but very, very cheap: 9.50 GBP!

After cleaning, the inside already started looking better:

The outside was a bit more tricky. I sanded the surface, using two different types of grit (Medium and Fine). After that I treated the wood with boiled linseed oil. There are quite a few brands on the market that can be used. I chose boiled instead of raw linseed oil, because it has a darker colour and really enlivens old wood.

For the inside of the box I bought some dark blue felt, to protect the writing tools and dampen any noise they might make during transport. I actually found a very good quality felt at John Lewis.

The tricky part was the missing half of the actual desk surface. I couldn’t find wood with the right thickness. So I finally decided to use a bamboo chopping board, which I cut into the right size, chiseld out a square in the centre (which took hours) for a velvet inlay and then also oiled it.

It was really hard to find the right colour of cotton velvet that didn’t cost 70 Pounds a metre. By accident I stumbled upon a velvet cushion at H&M – in just the right shade of plum and for only 6.99. It did hurt a bit to cut it apart, but I now have some leftover velvet, I will use for a different project at a later point.

As for the finished box: I am ready to go travelling in style!

Lizard Point, August 2018


You can’t go further south on this island… Arrived in grey weather, but 15 minutes later the sun came out.


Glendurgan Garden, Cornwall, August 2018

Last year has been very busy, but over the Christmas days I finally managed to sort through some of the pictures I took last year. Here is the first selection of pictures from a short trip to Cornwall: Glendurgan Garden.


Island Murders – A 1920s Murder Mystery

This year I started writing murder mysteries for parties with friends and decided to publish the ones that actually went rather well. It took me a while to finish all the drawings for the character profiles, the re-writing, editing and layout, but I can finally announce the first one:

“Island Murders”

The Characters:


It is available on Etsy:



Use the code “ISLANDMURDERS19” for a 20% discount or simply use this link: