Death after Midnight – A Victorian Ghost Story Murder Mystery for 7-9 Players

Best played by candlelight only   The Background Story: There was a silent scream at night, soon drowned in darkness and endless hallways, the fear of the dying woman evaporated when she took a last shuddering breath floating mid air, before her skull smashed unto the marble floor and her neck bent and broke. TheyContinue reading “Death after Midnight – A Victorian Ghost Story Murder Mystery for 7-9 Players”

Ada – Murder Mystery Play

  I finally finished the next murder mystery, which can be found in my Etsy shop: TheDigitalStoryBox   Participants Participants: 7-9 players For seven players: Play without the manager and public prosecutor For eight players: Play without the manager For nine players: Use all characters provided This murder mystery needs a hostess, games master andContinue reading “Ada – Murder Mystery Play”

Island Murders – A 1920s Murder Mystery

This year I started writing murder mysteries for parties with friends and decided to publish the ones that actually went rather well. It took me a while to finish all the drawings for the character profiles, the re-writing, editing and layout, but I can finally announce the first one: “Island Murders” The Characters:   ItContinue reading “Island Murders – A 1920s Murder Mystery”