Refurbishing Antique Travel Desk

Shortly before Christmas I was lucky enough to find an old travel desk/ writing box in an Oxford antiques store. It was not in a great shape, but very, very cheap: 9.50 GBP! After cleaning, the inside already started looking better: The outside was a bit more tricky. I sanded the surface, using two differentContinue reading “Refurbishing Antique Travel Desk”

Refurbishing an old “Abbess” desk

I recently bought an old Abbess schoolmaster’s desk from the 1940s or 1950s  in a charity shop – for only £25. Sadly enough the surface was quite greasy and scratched, so I decided to use it for a refurbishing project. Since I love the texture and look of old wood I wanted to keep theContinue reading “Refurbishing an old “Abbess” desk”

Work in Progress: Refurbishing Indian Tea Boxes

After drinking the tea I decided to refurbish the wooden boxes the Indian tea came in. For the lighter one I layered two different kinds of chalk paint, the darker one is repainted with layers of acrylic paint and varnish. I am currently adding leaf gold on the inside (a nightmare to do) trying toContinue reading “Work in Progress: Refurbishing Indian Tea Boxes”