The air in the cellar was still full of dust; the builders had just left this afternoon, others would come to pick up the last stones in the morning. Had it not been for the water damage after the last heavy rain, nobody would have ever opened that wall, nobody would have accidentally freed what had been lurking behind for centuries.

In a Frozen Field (2017) – Short Story

Where am I? Do my eyelids stick together or is it entirely dark? Have I gone blind? I can still smell it: a mixture of moss and disinfectant. It smells of illness, pain and freedom. It is the smell of being reborn once again, of saying goodbye just to be greeted by familiar faces –Continue reading “In a Frozen Field (2017) – Short Story”

Der Spiegelkobold – Kinderbuch ab 7 Jahren (Auszug)

Die Sage von der Prinzessin der Spiegel Alle Spiegelprinzessinnen weinten.Sie weinten, wenn es regnete. Sie weinten, wenn die Sonne die Welt in ein goldenes und warmes Licht tauchte. Spiegelprinzessinnen weinten und ihre Tränen waren wie flüssiges Silber, das in winzigen Tropfen ihre Wangen hinab lief. Mit ihren zarten Glashänden fingen sie sie auf und webtenContinue reading “Der Spiegelkobold – Kinderbuch ab 7 Jahren (Auszug)”