Long Covid – When a mild case is not so mild after all

16 March 2020 Covid still seems far away, only few cases reported in the news, Germany is already speaking about lockdown, in the UK it is still business as usual. I wake up with a sore throat and feeling a little bit strange. By afternoon I start coughing. It seems like a weird kind ofContinue reading “Long Covid – When a mild case is not so mild after all”


The air in the cellar was still full of dust; the builders had just left this afternoon, others would come to pick up the last stones in the morning. Had it not been for the water damage after the last heavy rain, nobody would have ever opened that wall, nobody would have accidentally freed what had been lurking behind for centuries.


Lungs Sand, paper and dust, raging fires beneath the surface a giant’s footstep on the back black ink dripping down the throat tears (un-)spilled and blood longing for air.   Sand, paper and dust, shredded and broken a prizefighter’s punch in the chest lifeless wings unfolding in a storm shattered lungs and a breath neverContinue reading “Lungs”