Discover Your Creative Spark

Acrylic Painting for Beginners

3h Saturday or Sunday painting class (2pm-5pm)

Learn all the basics and start your first acrylic painting.

All materials are included.

What to bring: Clothes that can get dirty or an apron. Ideas for a painting (for example a picture).

Costs: 30 GBP

Materials (brushes, pallet knife, paints, canvas vs paper, painting mediums)
Colour mixing
Painting techniques (from blending to visible brush strokes and structure)
Multi-media techniques (inks, acrylic markers, collage)
Composition and perspectives0

Creative Writing: (Re-) Discover your Creativity

Every writer has been in the situation where they feel stuck in their writing process – sometimes right at the beginning, sometimes after already spending hours on a project. The more stressed we become, the worse the situation will get. This Creative Writing online course will help you unlock your creative spark and addresses beginners as well as more experienced writers. Whether you do not know how to start your project or whether you battle with the feared writer’s block this course will (re-)connect you with the fun part of writing.

Each week you will get a bundle of personalised challenges and tasks. Some of them are just for you to have fun with, but each week I will also ask you to submit one piece of work. You will get in-depth feedback on your writing, especially focusing on the aspects we have discussed as the main goals you want to achieve.

The course is suitable for fiction and non-fiction writers.

Costs: 30 GBP per hour / 200 GBP for eight sessions (booked in advance)

Single sessions or 8-week course (with discount)
Assessment of problems and writing samples
Creative feedback
New writing practises and tools
Weekly fun writing challenges

Creativity Consultancy

Creativity and innovation are important factors to advance in your career and brighten your personal life. Using methods developed for writers and artists, meditation techniques and a multi-disciplinary teaching approach, we will look at what you want to achieve and how a creative mindset can help you reach your goals. What are you good at? What inspires you? And how can you use your unique way of thinking and feeling to develop new skills and abilities? This course is suitable for redefining your own personal or professional life, as well as working on a specific project – alone or with your team.

Costs: 45 GBP per hour per person / 400 GBP for ten sessions (booked in advance), please get in touch about group sessions and fees.

Consultancy about personal skill sets
Develop a creative mindset
Creative Writing techniques for non-writers
Meditation and motivation
Online or in person, team sessions optional

Weekend Retreats

To be creative it is sometimes neccessary to get away from our everyday life and usual surroundings. These weekend retreats are suitable for small groups of 4 to 8 people and will be individually designed to establish a creative atmosphere. Delving into crafts, art techniques, writing, RPGs and using relaxation techniques to calm the mind (Yoga, Meditation, Reflexology), participants will get the unique chance to discover and explore their creative potential and find their individual creative outlet. Facilitating the workshops Jessica Holzhausen works together with certified therapists and yoga teachers.

More information about retreats follow soon.

Weekend retreat in a rural location
Healthy food, yoga and meditation
Writing and arts and craft classes
Individual and group sessions
Games and activities to enhance creativity