Voting Leave – expressing an identity crisis?

My latest article for 20One Magazine


Much has already been said about reasons people have voted to leave the European Union – the age gap, the frustration of marginalized working people or those living in rural areas, the anger and disappointment with the Westminster establishment all parties did not seem to address properly.

But as a foreign born British resident (an EU-migrant to be more precise) looking on the debate as somewhat of an outsider, out of a bird’s eye perspective I wonder: How much of the referendum’s outcome is not only the result of misjudgement and failed policies but of an underlying identity crises? Of feeling rootless in a digitalized society where existing borders seem to vanish and with them the security known so far? What does is mean to be British – or English? What is “Britishness” in a globalized world?

The evening of the referendum day, about two hours before the polling station…

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