Link: Wine the natural way

My lovely traveling companion wrote this article about natural wine.


“So you think wine is either red, white or rosé and it comes in sweet, medium-dry or dry. Basically you’re right but the wine world is a little more nuanced and complicated. First of all it is a mass market and you can get anything from wine in a tetrapack to a ridiculously overpriced bottle from Chateau “Fancyfrenchname”. There is wine from the so called old world (France, Italy, Spain, Germany) and wine from the new world (California, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand) but again this is overgeneralizing as there is also wine from Eastern Europe, China, India and elsewhere in the world. With a changing climate some regions will be able to grow wine, others will struggle and some prestigious wine regions as for example the Rhone Valley may be forced to give up completely or need to invest large sums to keep up the quality. (…)”


Continue reading on 20Onemagazine:

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