Being a Sex Object?

Germany finally discusses every-day sexism – a long overdue debate

Sexism and unwanted attention is something girls have to deal with at quite a young age. Even for me, growing up in a time without ubiquitous media, becoming an adult meant to compare myself with role models magazines like the German “Bravo” or even worse “Bravo Girl” contributed. Questions like “How to keep your boyfriend?” are branded into our minds from the first time we open such a magazine. Of course young girls are interested in boys and they are as bad in staring at the other sex, comparing their looks and attributes. Boys and girls are not so different in that behaviour. But what makes a difference, even though I do not want to deny boys feel the media pressure as well, girls are far more often defined by their body and looks, than their brain and learning. If you are a pretty girl you soon find out that there are (male) teachers in school you can impress more with a sweet smile than the correct answer to a question.

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