Historical Research

Research interests

Myths, stereotypes and the shaping of (modern) identities, modern German history (1870 – 1945) especially focusing on the history of ideas and ideologies and their impact on political decision making.

Commemorative culture in Germany and abroad.

Narratives and Property Rights.


Royal Historical Society

Arbeitsstelle Historische Stereotypenforschung, Oldenburg


Doctoral Thesis (German, passed)

„Der Mythos Stedinger im Wandel der Zeit – Instrumentalisierung, Politisierung oder regionale Identifikationsfigur?“

The Stedinger peasants as political myth – exploitation, politicisation or regional role model?

The thesis focuses on the Stedinger peasants’ revolt during the early 13th century and how later generations retold this story as part of a process to form a (regional) identity – from a tale of freedom fighters to an anti-Catholic myth during the „Kulturkampf“, from being politically exploited during the Nazi era to be made into an example for historically proven class struggles in the GDR. But more importantly: The Stedinger until today play an essential role in regional culture and identity, having a close link to what up to this day forms self-image and identity of those living in the „Wesermarsch“ area between Bremen, Oldenburg and the North Sea coast.



Property Rights Revisited – Are Narratives the Way Forward?
International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, August 2017


Mittelalterliche Mythen als Identitätsstifter. Eine Komparation (Magisterarbeit)
Verlag: VDM
Erschienen August 2008