Short Story: Her Father’s Ghost

  “She shot herself, they say. Driven to an early grave by her father’s ghost. What a cruel man he must have been, keeping the girl all to himself for so many years, never letting her out of his sight or allowing her to marry… but coming back from the grave to haunt her… whoContinue reading “Short Story: Her Father’s Ghost”

Oxford Colleges 4: Keble College

  I know not everyone agrees, but I love these Victorian brick buildings and how their colour changes depending on the light. And look at all these intricate details and hidden corners…

Ada – Murder Mystery Play

  I finally finished the next murder mystery, which can be found in my Etsy shop: TheDigitalStoryBox   Participants Participants: 7-9 players For seven players: Play without the manager and public prosecutor For eight players: Play without the manager For nine players: Use all characters provided This murder mystery needs a hostess, games master andContinue reading “Ada – Murder Mystery Play”